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Happy New Year Greetings messages images cards

Happy new year greetings that give you inspirational messages in your life. Happy New year greetings and messages fill your energy with success.Refresh your mind with sending your happy new year greetings to your relatives. Here we collected all the type of happy new year greetings for 2018.like you want to wish you happy new year for a friend so read our article.

Best Happy New Year Greetings

Hey, friend old year is ending now and the new year is coming.It’s time to forget all past bad memory and thankful to your supporter that helps you in past year. Fresh and healthy mind starting the new year 2018.The new year 2018 give new energy to do something in your life. Never upset your life but try and try you will be a success one day. Start planning to what you want to achieve in the new year 2018.Do day to day work and get success in your life.

Top New Collection of Happy New Year Greetings

I’m just wishing you & ur Family
Have a…
Happy New Year 2018.

New year Messages 2018

People are giving their life another restart.
Here I give you NEW YEAR Wishes !!!

before any other give starts.
So accept my New Year Wishes Messages
Happy New Year 2018! 

Whenever I think of the New Year, I always think about you. Even if we are miles apart, you are always wished well and prayed for. Have a great new year.

A new year is equal to a blank canvas, and the paintbrush is in none other than your own hands. Paint away and create a beautiful picture for yourself. Happy New Year!

New Year Wishes Images:

Happy New Year Greetings Set

We try to fulfil user requirement for new year greetings from the past year. Happy new year wishes and greetings observed in many websites.as you know Happy new year greetings are the most beautiful thing for you and you also want to send happy new year 2018 greetings for friends in a different language. Some people try out to search new year greetings in English. But all thing is a same, only way of representation is different. So we provide the best way to send happy new year wishes 2018.

Happy new year Wishes

A new year brings not only happiness, it makes us happy with a hope to fulfill our dreams or a new beginning of our life. So, a new year is very special to everyone

I would like you sixty-five days of affection, 129 lucky days and 171 days of happiness! Happy twelvemonth 2018.

May you have an abundant and fabulous New Year ahead of you and may all your dreams come true. Have a fantastic New Year!
I wish you a New Year that as colorful as a firework and as fun as a bounce house. Happy a fun-filled New Year!

there, one of the most important things is new year greetings cards. People also make new year wishes card or new year greeting card for this new year 2018.Finally, it’s in different form like some make handmade happy new year greeting cards. Many people just send this happy new year greeting by simple messages or happy new year greetings images. Pick one of below and post on the social site or just share our site on your social media.In our life sharing is also important so why you are not sharing so share this whole new year greetings and make happiness in your relative face.

You need only to click social media icon and share than automatically your friends come here and read our best happy new year greetings.

Here all the wishes and greetings provided like some want to send happy new year wishes to friends and happy new year wishes messages by the mobile phone.

Happy new year greetings message is also such type of message. You read the complete article and choose one of the best happy new year greetings messages for your near and dear.

Thanks for reading our article and we also wish you happy new year 2018.God bless you.

Happy New Year 2018 Wishes Images Greetings Messages

New Year’s 2018

The new year 2018 wishes: New Year’s 2018 is Coming Year On 31 December 2018. The new year is coming so it’s time to say bye bye 2017. That was an amazing year ahead of lots of happy and fantastic moments. People now stand to welcome the fresh new year’s day 2018 with lots of happiness and passion and inspirational movement.the happy new year 2018 is the most wonderful year for all the people.the happy new year 2018 images and all the stuff related the new year 2018 given this article.here we give a full idea about new year eve and new year’s day 2018 wishes and so more related happy new year’s day. New Year is the time at which a new calendar year begins and the calendar’s year count increments by one. Many cultures celebrate the event in some manner and the 1st day of January is often marked as a national holiday.

Every Year Google Celebrate Happy New Years by changing Google Logos.1st January 2018 Google Also celebrate Happy New Year’s 2018 by just changing their Logos.It One Kind Of Google doodles For Happy New Year’s 2018. Happy new year fill your all the requirement with joy and in this year God bless you. All the action will pass out with the happiness, and you will be going to successes in your work. After the night of 31, December 2017 people will celebrate the new year’s day 2018 with relative and friend also. December 31, 2017, also celebrate a new year’s eve. People find out the new year 2018 image and the happy new year 2018 wishes and new year quote also. After the day of 31, December 2017 first fresh morning come with New Year’s Day 2018 and all the people busy to say a happy new year to each other. Some people also busy to search out the image related to the new year’s day 2018.

But somehow there also get some suggestion including like the new year 2018 wishes for a friend and so more like this. If you are not late to find out the best new year quote and new year 2018 SMS.So be relaxed. Here we provide all the information related to your interest.

Best Happy New Year 2018 Wishes

Wish that your days be plated in gold, encrusted with diamonds, sparkled with silver dust and spent in good company. Enjoy the New Year as well as the days following.

“Just As A New Bloom Spreads,
Fragrance And Freshness Around,
May The New Year Add A New Beauty,
And Freshness Into Your Life!”

Happy new year 2018 SMS

Wish you and your family a joyful, bright, healthy, prosperous and happiest new year ahead!
Happy New Year!

“May the New Year bring you courage to break,
You resolutions early! My own plan is to swear off,
every kind of virtue so that I triumph even when I fall
My Wishes in 2018!”

Just like hot chocolate is incomplete without marshmallows, I am insufficient without you. So complete me this New Year and fill my life with unlimited happiness.
Wish you Happy New year 2018.

Best Happy New Year 2018 Wishes

; #”-.Happy_.-“#
*’+. New +”+*
(Happy New Year)
‘★._ HAPPY _.★’
‘¤-.★.-¤ ‘
‘☆._ NEW _.☆’
‘★._ YEAR _.★’
★ \| / ★
Sweet Happy New Year
___::__ .*”*.*”*.
/\______\ “+. _ .+”
|_|_[]__| ..:l-l-l-l-l:..
Happy New Year

New Year 2018 Images, Cards, New Year Quotes, New Year 2018 Wishes, Happy New Year 2018 Images, New Year Cards 2018.Here all you find New Year Messages for Happy New Year 2018.Most of the People Also find Out Happy New Year 2018 Status. Happy New Year 2018 Eve. People send Best New Year 2018 Wishes to the Friends and relatives on this New Year 2018.

Happy New Year 2018 SMS Quotes

Happy New Year Quotes: –

The new year is the day where all the people busy to celebrate with each different idea. Most of the city decorated with colorful light and road also give sparkling of light and wish you a happy new year. People also plan a firework and wish a happy new year. Many people are going to buy cloth and something new to this day.so all the shopping and mall also decorated with the light. Some people busy to prepare a gift for your loved one. Here all the exclusive collection happy new year quotes and SMS for your friend. New Year 2018 image with you dear and near and best friend or colleagues.

Yeah, finally we make a full article about the all the thing to the Happy new year. We hope that you will find out bring and new beautiful collection for the new year 2018.In message section, we provide SMS with a different language, and it uses to send your friend and wishes sweet wishes for the happy new year. This cute happy new year quote and new year SMS in English, Hindi. Send best of your choice and make feeling comfortable and put a smile on their face.Best Happy New Year Quote

The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written.
We can help write that story by setting goals.
Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.
May the bad times you faced in the year 2018 be your stepping stones to success and may you be blessed with many happy moments in 2018. Happy New Year.
As the new year renews all the happiness and good tidings, hope the joyful spirit keeps glowing in your heart forever! Happy New Year!
Every New Year wishes I have ever made came true when I met you. Thank you, sweetheart…Happy New Year, with love.
Another year of success and happiness has passed. With every new year comes greater challenges and obstacles in life. I wish you courage, hope and faith to overcome all of the hurdles you may face. May you have a great year and a wonderful time ahead. God bless you.
Happy New Year For Girl Friend
My Dear Girlfriend,
I Would Like To Kiss You
On December 31st From 11:59 Pm To 12:01 Am
So I Can Boast An Immense Ending To 2017 &
Boast An Amazing Start To The New Year 2018.
Wish U A Happy New Year 2018 !!!
Nights are Dark,
but Days are Light,
Wish your Life will always be Bright.
So my Dear don’t get Fear Coz,
God Gift us a “BRAND NEW YEAR”

New Year Wishes 2018

The Happy new year is getting with fresh wishes to you and your family friends and relative also. May this new year 2018 wishes spread the love to you and your family, and we wish this new year with lots of love and success come with this Happy New Year 2018.It’s the perfect time to send best wishes for gift and greeting and best wishes to each other. May this New Year Wishes change your life with a new opportunity, and you finally connect with each other with a couple of the year.

So you wanted wish best New Year Wishes 2018 to your Near and loved one. Here we provide all the stuff they, and you want. So Choose best the new year 2018 wishes and send your loved one. You can send new year wishes images, new year quote, happy new year 2018 by copy and paste the following message.

All people do a job as a search for the best New Year wishes 2018and send thought the WhatsApp and Facebook and any other social share and made happiness in their face. All category we introduce like New Year for Best Friend and New Year 2018 Wishes with image quote greeting song etc

New Year Wishes 2018 in English

Way to Celebrate Happy New Year’s 2018 In a different country.It Also helps to Send Happy New Year’s 2018 to Your Friend that will Live in a different country.

Happy new years day 2018 for all! The new year is coming with new things in our life. The new year 2018 start all the thing with new beginnings and happy journey in each and every life. One of the New Years Eve, people will be planning to celebrate this day. On Happy New Year’s 2018 day! People invite his/her friend and meet. In this New Year’s 2018 day show your love with relative or friends and near and dear also. You can also one way to celebrate this new year without inviting anyone. That is preparing new year poems or any other new year wishes quotes and new year 2018 images and sends New years images via social networking stuff.many people also find such string on the google happy new year 2018 images, happy new year best wishes for friends happy new year quotes, happy new year wallpaper hd images, happy new year 2018, happy new year 2018 wishes for the family.

My best wishes to you,
Great start for Jan,
Love for Feb,
peace for March,
No worries for April,
fun for May,
Joy for June to Nov,
Happiness for Dec.
Have a lucky and wonderful 2018      
My wishes for you are not limited to just the next year but to all the years that you experience in your lifetime and in your reincarnations!
Have a fun-filled, smashing, rocking and happening New Years!

May The Stars Shine Upon Your Life,
May Gorgeous Flowers Blossom Your Life
May The New Year Rock Your Life
And May God Bless And Protect You
All Through The Year.


The new year 2018 wishes

As you weave dreams of new hopes and aspirations to fill up each day of the New Year with excitement, fun, and happiness, I wish that may all your dreams come true.

New Year 2018 wishes, here we provide best the new year 2018 wishes to send your friend in this new year 2018.Indian people use new year wishes in Hindi.some of the best new year wishes 2018 given below.

My best wishes for you from the starting of Jan,

Sweet Love for Feb,
Peace for March,
No worries for April,
Fun for May,
Joy for June,
Romance for July & August,
silly fightings for September & October,
Happiness for Nov and Dec.
Have a lucky and wonderful 2018

God gives You..,

12Month of Happiness,

52 Weeks of Fun,
365 Days Success,
8760 Hours Good HEALTH,
52600 Minutes Good Luck,
3153600 Seconds of Joy..and that’s all!”

For My All Facebook Friends
Little Keys Open Big Locks
Simple Words Reflect Great Thoughts
Your Smile Can Cure Heart Blocks
So Keep On Smiling It Rocks.

Happy New Year greetings 2018

Now the world is going to the past, another new year has come into your life to prove yourself and your existence to the world. Make this year great and great in every aspect of life.

"Before the golden sunsets,
2017's calender is destroyed,
And mobile networks get jammed,
I wish in 2018 every moment is enjoyed

I wish you the strength to keep your resolutions, so that all your wishes may come true. Happy New Year+

Remember where you have been considering where you are going but don't forget to enjoy where you are! From our home to yours, Happy New Year 2017!

As this year ends, we thank you for your continued support in 2016, and extend to you our wishes for a bright, happy and prosperous New Year 2017

The new year 2018 wishes in Hindi

Meri dua hain ki aapko aanewale saal me 12 mahine khushiyan milen, 52 hafte kaamyabi miley aur 365 din mazedar rahen-naye saal ki dher saari shubhkamnayen.

Duniya ki har khushi aapke kadam choome aur duniya ki har kamyaabi aapke peeche bhage- yahi dua karte hain hum, uparwale se iss naye saal mein. Naya saal aapko bahut bahut Mubarak ho.

Naye Sapane
Naye Apne
Naye Vade
Naye Kasme
Naye Manzil
Naye Rahe
Nayi Baat
Naya Vishwas
Kooch Simple
Kooch Khas
Har Pal rahe Bindass
Happy New Year 2018

नया साल आया बनकर उजाला;
खुल जाए आपकी किस्मत का ताला;
हमेशा आप पर मेहरबान रहे ऊपर वाला;
यही दुआ करता है आपका ये चाहने वाला!
नया साल मुबारक

आपकी आँखों में सजे है जो भी सपने,
और दिल में छुपी है जो भी अभिलाषाएं!
यह नया वर्ष उन्हें सच कर जाए;
आप के लिए यही है हमारी शुभकामनायें!

डे बाई डे तेरी खुशियां हो जायें डबल
तेरी जिंदगी से डिलीट हो जायें सारे ट्रबल
खुदा रखे हमेशा तुझे स्मार्ट एंड फिट
तेरे लिये न्यू इयर हो सुपर डुपर हिट

New Year Wishes In English

Happy New Year Wishes 2018 for your relative, and here all the image with people celebrating. You can share this New Year Image to the hike messenger and Facebook and WhatsApp etc.May This New year 2018 give a new direction in your life, wish you new year in advance.All The Moment Pass out with Lots of Love and Enjoy full year With your FamilyWelcome New year 2018.In this new year, we are very happy to pray and keep others happy. hearty New Year 2018

New year greetings

New year Card gives an idea about to make and send the best cardNew Year Cards design and photo.On New Year 2018 you are responsible for sending a best-loved message with new year cards and greeting. One of the different ways to send best wishes through our website like you needs to send out website link to your friend and send the largest collection of the new year quote and wishes. All the best new year cards ready to send.

New Year Greetings Cards

New year card is designed to send wishes of the new year 2018. and to impress your near and dear by just sending this happy new year cards 2018. Another way to send best happy new year greetings sending new year greetings with images. so its time to celebrate a new year with your friends and relatives.so pick one of the best the new year 2018 cards and send through social media.

Happy New Year 2018 Images HD Wallpaper with Wishes Quotes
 New year countdown already started among few of the country. All the people prepare the plan to celebrate and wait for the wish New year 2018.all are started the new year with fresh and do better than last year at a morning of 1st January 2017.Some country allows the holiday to this new year 2018.This new year event most popular around the world and all the enjoy this event with his/her family member and spread the wishes with each other by saying a happy new year. Some people also organize the party night with drinking and make full night dance with a friend and loved one. So hardly welcome the new year 2018.

Happy new year’s 2018 day provide lots of happiness and joy in your individual life. God bless you and in this year change your luck. Before technology people made handmade Happy New Years greeting cards and send relatives.so you want to wish New year 2018 to your near and dear one so copy this link URL and send in your social share. Happy New Years 2018 wishes, greetings messages image all the given here, so please stay connected with us.

The new year 2018 wishes

New year’s eve is time for forgotten all sad movement and enjoy this festival. Empty all the worst situation that made sadness in our life. After new year’s eve 2018 on 31 December manifest all things and change your life with the new year 2018.Also, send warming and hurt touching new year wishes 2018 to your friends.

People fully enjoy this holiday with Christmas time and new year. Find out the best new year wishes 2018 in the various platform and give great cheerfulness to a relative. Share your happiness that made in past year and gives joy and happiness to other. Prepare New Year’s 2018 messages and sends on WhatsApp and Facebook.

Cheer for a New Year and another chance for us to get it right.
Wish you and your family a joyful, bright, healthy, prosperous and happiest new year ahead! Happy New Year.

Happy New Year. May the New Year bring to you the warmth of love, and a light to guide your path towards a positive destination. 

As this year is ending, I wish all the negativity and difficulties also end with this year and 2015 bring success and desired results for you. 

This New Year I wish that God showers you with His choicest Blessings, Fate never takes you for a bumpy ride, Cupid strikes you with his sweetest arrow, Lady Luck bestows upon your health and wealth, your Guardian Angel keeps your mind alert and bright. 

My Dear, I Have Decided To Store Your Name In My Heart This New Season. It Can Be Destroyed By Insects If I Store It On The Leaves, It Will Be Faded If I Write It On A Piece Of Paper, Cheers for welcome 2018 bye bye 2018.

New year Messages 2018

New Years day 2018: This festival celebrates on single day 1st January every year. So celebrate with love and new creativity. It’s not a small festival, but it’s celebrated on around the world. People send inspirational new years quotes on this day. Make creative greeting card and send to the near and dear one. Send new greeting message and new year wishes to the people. Some people also organized a big party on this day and make Happy New Years 2018 amazing. Some organization also prepare bonus to the employee and give a wonderful gift on this day. Invitation sends a happy new year messages.

I pray that the last month in 2017 is filled with nothing but peace, blessings, and positivity; and you walk in 2018 with bigger faith, financial blessings, good health and peace of mind! happy new year 

May the year be brighter than the one gone by; enveloped in goodness, well being, bliss and wealth.
Happy New Year! 

New Days, New Time, New Moments
Ahead Are Waiting For You, May
These 365 Days Light Up Your Life,
Happy New Year!

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Happy Diwali wishes for FB whatsapp 2017

Happy diwali wishes for fb WhatsApp 2017:- Hi friends welcome to our site first we wish Happy Diwali to all of you. If you are looking for Happy Diwali wishes for FB WhatsApp 2017 then you are on right page. Here we provide you than a family feast including mithai (sweets), and an exchange of gifts between family members and close friends. which you can share with your friends to wish Happy Diwali 2017 on Facebook, What’s app, Google plus, Twitter and any other social networking sites. Diwali is a festival of lights, it is a Hindu festival it is celebrated on autumn every year. This festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness. On Diwali night, Hindus dress up in new clothes or their best outfit, light up diyas (lamps and candles) inside and outside their home, participate in family puja typically to Lakshmi. After puja fireworks follow then a family feast including mithai (sweets), and an exchange of gifts between family members and close friends. So on this great occasion we provide you best stuff about Diwali like Wallpapers, photos, quotes, sms, and many more stuff about Diwali.

 Happy diwali wishes for fb whatsapp 2017

 May da joy, cheer,
Mirth & merriment
Of this divine festival
Surround you forever.
May da happiness,
That this season brings
Brighten your life
&, hope da year
Brings you luck
& Fulfills all your
dearest dreams!
Wish You Happy Diwali.

da sun does not shine dare,
nor do da moon & da stars,
nor do lightning shine?
All da lights of da world cannot be compared even 2 a ray of da inner light of da self. Merge yourself in this light of lights & enjoy da supreme deepavali.
Happy Diwali.

We meditate on da glory of da crea2r,
Who has created da Universe,
Who is worthy of Worship,
Who is da embodiment of Knowledge & Light,
Who is a remover of All Sin & Ignorance,
May he enlighten our Intellect.

May da festival of lights be da harbinger of joy & prosperity,
As da holy occasion of Diwali is here & da atmosphere is filled with da spirit of mirth & love,
here’s hoping this festival of beauty brings your way,
bright sparkles of contentment,
that stay with you through da days ahead.
Happy deepawali greetings

Light a lamp of love,
Blast a chain of sorrow,
Shoot a rocket of prosperity,
Fire a flowerpot of happiness,
Happy Diwali 2 you & your family.
This Diwali I Am Sending You CASH:
Wishing you all a very happy Diwali.

May this Diwali, you be blessed with
Good fortune – as long as Ganeshji’s trunk,
Wealth & Prosperity – as big as his s2mach,
Happiness as sweet as his Ladoos &
Troubles – as small as his mouse.
Diwali Wishes from heart.

C&les 2 enjoy life;
Decorations 2 light life;
Presents 2 share success;
Fire Crackers 2 burn evils;
Sweets 2 sweeten success;
& Pooja 2 thank God!
Diwali Mubarak.

May da warmth & splendor,
that are a part of this auspicious occasion,
fill your life with happiness & bright cheer,
& bring 2 you joy & prosperity, for da whole year.

A Very Happy Diwali 2 You& Your
Beautiful Family May God Give You All
That You Want & Need In Your Life Enjoy
have an enjoyable Diwali

Diwali is da day 2 light da diyas,
Ignite da rockets & burst crackers,
But it’s also da time 2 be safe,
From da fireworks & all da sparklers.

For this, is a special time when family
& friends get 2gedar, for fun.
Wishing amusement & fun 2 cheer your days,
In this diwali festive season.
Happy Deepavali
Paying respects 2 da God,
& decorating for dam da thali,
This is what da occasion is all about,
This is da spirit of Deepavali…….
On this diwali, I am sending you a diya of my love, I hope you will keep it lighted forever.
$-Happy Diwali!!-$
May da joy, cheer,
delight & cheerfulness
Of this heavenly festival
Surround you forever.
May da happiness,
That this season brings
Brighten your life
&, hope da year
Brings you luck &
Fulfils all your dearest dreams!
Happy Deepavali greeting

Happy diwali wishes for fb whatsapp 2017

Hope you will like our post, if you can find them useful then you can share it with your friends on Facebook, what’s app, Google plus, Twitter and any other social networking sites, and if you want more stuff about Diwali then you can see our homepage. Stay connected with us, we update our site daily. Hope to see you again on our site, Thank you.

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Top 100 best Whatsapp video status 30 sec update, really great Whatsapp status, Best Whatsapp statuses, Best Whatsapp Status, Love Attitude Life Funny Status to Share online, good, ideas, best, cool, Quotes, Hindi, Whatsapp Quotes, Whatsapp Great Collection.

100 Best Great WhatsApp status

1.    Had a really great "Night Out" last night, According to my police report.
2.    I will win, Not immediately But Definitely.'
3.    If you're talking behind my back, you're in a good position to kiss my ass!
4.    Dear Math, please grow up and solve your own problems, I'm tired of solving them for you.
5.    The road to success is always under construction.
6.    Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.
7.    Born to express not to impress.
8.    Silent people have the loudest minds.
9.    Sometimes it's easier to pretend you don't care than to admit it's killing you.
10. You cannot stop the waves but you can learn to surf.
11. Life is like photography, You use the negatives to develop.
12. Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I are not sure about the universe.
13. War doesn't determine who's right. War determines who's left.
14. When someone says, "You've Changed", It simply means you've stopped living your life their way.
15. If you want to make your dreams come true, The first thing you have to do is wake up.
16. I don't have a dirty mind, I have Sexy imagination.
17. Whenever I think of quit smoking, I need a cigarette to think.
18. You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have.
19. You have to be ODD, to be number ONE.
20. When life puts you in tough situations, don't say, why me? Just say, try me!
21. I stopped fighting my inner demons. We are on the same side Now.
22. If people are trying to bring you 'Down', It only means that you are 'Above them'.
23. Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.
24. The greatest advantage of speaking the truth is that you don't have to remember what you said.

Whatsapp Status video
25. Nothing in the world is more common than unsuccessful people with talent.
26. Be a good person, But don't try to prove.
27. Mistakes are proof that you are trying.
28. Some people are alive only, Because it's illegal to kill them.
29. I am not failed......My success is just postponed.
30. If you like me Then raise your hand, If not then raise your standard.
31. When i was born..Devil said.."Oh Shit..!! Competition".
32. I work for money, For loyalty Hire a Dog.
33. I am always right, Once i thought that I am wrong, But i was wrong.
34. I know i am something, Because god doesn't create garbage.
35. If you are gonna be two-faced, Honey at least make one of them pretty!
36. When nothing goes right..!! Go left.
37. If you can't convince them, Confuse them.
38. I love to walk in fog, Because nobody knows i am smoking.
39. I am not drunk, I am just chemically off-balanced.
40. Oh, So you wanna argue, Bring it. I got my CAPS LOCK ON.
41. I am so poor that i can't pay attention in class.
42. Warning...I know KARATE.......And few other oriental words.
43. I used to be an atheist, But then i realized i'm God.
44. Never make eye contact while eating a banana.
45. Success is like being pregnant everybody congratulates you, But nobody knows how many times you got fucked to get there.
46. I am not a virgin, My life fucks me every day.
47. Nothing is over until you stop trying.
48. The person you love is 72.8% water.
49. I talk to myself because i like dealing with a better class of people.
50. People say, you can't live without love...I think oxygen is more important.
51. 80% of boys have girlfriends. Rest 20% are having brain.
52. When everything comes your way. Then you are on the wrong way.
53. she's so fake, if you look behind her neck. I bet it says "Made in china".
54. I drink to make other people interesting.
55. If at first, you don't succeed..Keep flushing.
56. Save water drink beer.
57. Virginity is not dignity, It is just lack of opportunity.
58. Not all men are fools, Some stay bachelor.
59. Don't kiss behind the garden, Love is blind but the neighbors are not.
60. His story is History, My Story is Mystery.
61. Phones are better than girlfriends, At least we can switch off.
62. Smile today, tomorrow could be worse. 
63. The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. 
64. If you don't succeed at first, hide all evidence that you tried.
65. Stop worrying about the world ending today. It's already tomorrow in Australia.
66. Cell phones these days keep getting thinner and smarter... people the opposite.
67. Diet rule #1: If nobody sees you eating it, it doesn't contain any calories.
68. I love my job only when I'm on vacation
69. Friends come and go, but enemies remain and build up.
70. Never test how deep the water is with both feet.
71. The richer you get, the more expensive happiness becomes.
72. Parachute for sale, used once, never opened!!
73. My wife dresses to kill. She cooks the same way.
74. FREE PUPPIES: Half cocker spaniel, half sneaky neighbors dog.
75. Behind every successful man is a surprised woman.
76. In my house I'm the boss, my wife is just the decision maker.
77. I'm not online, it's just an optical illusion.
78. That's the secret to life... replace one worry with another.
79. If there is a "WILL", there are 500 relatives.
80. How is a poor man a lot like a rich man? They both have an iPhone.
81. Some people call me Mike, you can call me tonight.
82. When inspiration does not come to me, I go halfway to meet it.
83. Whatever it is -- I didn't do it!
84. Sometimes you succeed.... and other times you learn.
85. There are three sides to an argument - your side, my side and the right side.
86. When there's a will, I want to be in it.
87. Failure is not an option -- it comes bundled with Windows.
88. I always dream of being a millionaire like my uncle!... He's dreaming too.
89. I believe there should be a better way to start each day... instead of waking up every morning.
90. When I was kidnapped, my parents snapped into action. They rented out my room.
91. Scratch here ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ to reveal my status 
92. I'd rather have honest enemies than fake friends.
93. My "last seen at" was just to check your "last seen at".
94. Not always "Available".. Try your Luck..
95. Hey there whatsapp is using me.
96. I'm not lazy, I'm on energy saving mode.
97. You can never buy Love....But still you have to pay for it.
98. Totally available!! Please disturb me!!��
99. “Success” all depends on the second letter.
100.  Life is Short – Chat Fast!